Published by Cattaneo Bros: October 20, 2022


Spooky season is officially here folks! A time for family, costumes, candy, and… Jerky? YES! Now I am going to be honest and admit I am definitely not the spookiest house on the block but I am the tastiest. I think I speak for all parents when I say Halloween is frightening not only because of ghosts and goblins, but because our kids are coming home with a pillow case of sugar! My boys are on a mission every year to find the biggest and best bars, sweets, and lollipops out there only to go home and use it as currency to trade for even bigger treats! I’m a firm believer that a “Treat” is something special and should be enjoyed and savored which definitely applies to Cattaneo’s long list of amazing snacks.

When I was a kid I remember every house on the street during Halloween was known for something. There was the house that gave out all the big candy bars, the one where you found those caramel apple pops, and even the dentist down the road who handed out toothbrushes. We were the “Jerky House”, famous for giving out beef sticks instead of snickers bars. I decided to keep that tradition alive and let the legacy of the “Jerky House” live on! Our beef sticks every year are something unique and different that the kids and their parents end up fighting for at the end of the night.

Therefore, I encourage everyone to think a little outside the box this year and give out some treats that might make you the next “Jerky House”.

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