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Family Owned & Mom Operated

As the mother of two active twin boys, I don’t always have time to prepare healthy, made-from-scratch snacks and meals all the time. And I know I’m not alone. I know that we often rely on quick, convenient snacks to keep us fueled through the day.

When I became CEO of Cattaneo Bros., what I knew was that we had been making an amazing product for 75 years. I wanted to respect our traditions of handcrafted goods made from simple, clean ingredients that my boys and I can feel good snacking on.

Changing the Way We Snack

Another thing I knew: I wanted to change the way the world snacked.

When did convenient, grab-and-go food equate to something full of sugar, preservatives, and fillers? I believe that snacks should provide fuel for your body to do the things you love to do. Adventure. Work hard. Play harder. Learn more. Snacks should set you up for success for the rest of your day. I knew how great our product was, and I knew by focusing on our quality of ingredients, simplicity of process, and the passion of the people behind the brand, we could make it even better.

Tragedy, Growth, & Opportunity

The untimely passing of my parents isn’t something I speak about often. But of course it shook me to my core. Losing both my mom and dad to cancer made me reexamine my own approach to living a healthy lifestyle. CrossFit and running marathons made me reexamine both my physical movement and what I put in my body. The joy of becoming a mom made me reexamine how food fuels growth, both physically and mentally.

While I don’t tend to dwell on the past, there’s no question as to how my past has shaped my perspective and vision for Cattaneo Bros. It continuously inspires me to balance opportunities for growth with our core values as a company.

Looking Back to Move Forward

My vision to change how we snack is, of course, something that solidly exists in our future, but it is firmly rooted in our traditions. Traditions founded in 1947 by William and Pino Cattaneo in San Luis Obispo, the same small California town where you can still find us making small batch jerky today. Traditions developed in the same factory where I spent my childhood, worked after school, and grew to appreciate just how truly unique a business like this was.

I am simultaneously both extremely proud of how far we’ve come as well as of how little we’ve changed. My goal is to grow and change for the better, while keeping these traditions intact. I like to think that this would make my parents Michael and Jayne Kaney, and my sons Brody and Hudson proud.


Cattaneo Bros. Values

quality ingredients
Simple Is Better
It’s not always easy, but we believe the less steps between raw ingredients and the final product, the better.
simple spices
Taste Matters
Hands down, the best way to get something to taste good is to care about the quality of every ingredient you use.
healthy snack jerky
Healthy Traditions
Since 1947, we’ve been crafting healthy snacks and enabling families to make healthier choices.
commitment to quality
community employees
committed to tradition cows
committed to change

Commitment to Quality

Handcrafted snacks made with care. At Cattaneo Bros., we live by this motto, and a focus on quality is at the core of everything we do.

  • We use whole cuts of meat to make our jerky, not pressed meat pieces
  • We use only meat and spices, never fillers or by-products
  • We hand mix our spice recipes daily from common kitchen staples
  • We foster respectful relationships with our ranchers
  • We proudly display our ingredients and nutrition facts on our front labels

Commitment to Community

Our team may be small, but it is mighty. Many have been with us for decades, with team members spanning multiple generations of the same family. While our team is our immediate community, we are proud to consider the California Central Coast our extended family. We couldn’t do what we do without a strong team right there by our side, from the support offered to us from our community to the inspiring growth we witness through our involvement with the local 4H and FFA programs. Learn more about our involvement in our local community.

Commitment to Tradition

We are so proud of our history as a company. Started by two Italian brothers trying to make a name for themselves in their adopted hometown, we’ve experienced over 70 years here in San Luis Obispo. There are many aspects of our business that have remained rooted in tradition throughout the years.

  • We make our jerky exclusively from US beef
  • Family-owned in San Luis Obispo, California since we began
  • Our handmade European-style sausage recipes haven’t changed since 1947
  • Our premium handcut jerky is sliced the old fashioned cowboy way

Commitment to Change

Through the launch of new flavors, new cuts, new meats, and new product lines, we’ve always kept our eye on the horizon while staying true to who we are: handcrafted, simple, delicious snacks.

  • Launched our Range line to meet the demand for grassfed jerky made without nitrates
  • Launched Turkey Jerky to offer a leaner jerky option
  • Created our Jerky Club to supply healthy snacks on a convenient schedule
  • Opened The Merc, a retail store in downtown San Luis Obispo, to help support other small businesses
  • On the horizon for us: vegan jerky, gift baskets, more flavors, and expanded product lines!